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johfra faunenfamilie
Faunenfamilie by Johfra - 1981 - one of the great Symbolists, who outside of a series of Zodiac prints, is virtually unknown in the United States.

  Norman Lindsay
This is one of my favorite pieces from Australian legend Norman Lindsay.  His body of work is incredible, everything he touched is golden.  This is "In The Beginning" - 1941 

Carlos Schwabe The Faun
The incredible "le faune" painting by legendary Symbolist Carlos Schwabe.

Day of the Minotaur
Gray Morrow's cover to Thomas Burnett Swann's "Day of the Minotaur" - 1966 - One of my favorite books, for a number of reasons.  Swann handled the creatures of Myth in a wonderful and unique way and is due for a revival.  And Gray Morrow was a great illustrator, doing memorable covers and comics, including my favorite interpretation of Roger Zelazny's "Amber" series.

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